From flight instruction and business transportation, to aerial surveying and personal uses including photography and sightseeing, light aircrafts are used in a wide variety of different industries and applications all across the world. Light aircrafts are one of the main uses of transpiration in places like Alaska, and have even been used to great success in previous wars.
    When it comes to maintaining, piloting, or building small planes, it’s nearly impossible to do without the right resources. The following list of websites and articles are ideal resources to consult for those involved in the maintaining, piloting, and building of small aircraft:

State and Federal Resources for general aviation safety and information
•    Office of Aviation Services
•    National Park Service Branch of Aviation    
•    National Park Service Division of Fire and Aviation Management (DFAM)

Aircraft Maintenance and repair tips and information
•    Guide to Aircraft Maintenance Lingo
•    Tips For Inspecting Aircraft Exhaust Systems
•    Repairing Aircraft Exhaust System Parts

Helpful information for pilots and future pilots
•    Geographic Area Coordination Centers (GACCs)
•    Becoming a Pilot
•    5 Best Aviation Bloggers You Should Be Following
•    National Transportation Safety Board
•    Online Aviation Courses
•    Pilot Schools Across the Nation
•    Top Aviation Magazines
•    What To Expect When You Start With Your Flying Lessons

Important Laws and Regulations resources
•    Flight Inspection Services (FIS)
•    FAA Regulations
•    Aviation Regulations and Guidance Overview

Hobby and Aviation Clubs
•    Why You Should Join a Flying Club
•    Where to Find Fellow Aircraft Hobbyists

•    History of Mooney Airfact
•    History of Bell Aircraft
•    History of Beechcraft
•    History of Bellanca Aircraft
•    History of Partenavia
•    History of Piper
•    History of Cessna