PIPER » 32-260


Considered as on of the most luxurious ride of the 1960, this aircraft boasts of a seating capacity than can sit six people, a pilot, and a luggage trunk.  This aircraft ha a compartment in the nose between the cockpit and the engine compartment and a large double door in the back for easy loading of passengers and cargo.
Models of this aircraft include the PA-32-30, PA-32R, Piper 6X, and Piper-34 prototype.
With an engine that pulls 300 horsepower in the maximum, the Cherokee Six is among the strongest civilian aircraft in the 1960s. Retractable wings and retractable landing gears made it more attractive for its lucrative market. Since its market is on the higher end of the meter, a lot of owners have decided to modify some parts of the plane, including the muffler.
However, this proved to be a disastrous move because sometimes the installed muffler cannot handle the performance of the engine. Getting it fixed to its original state is already a challenge but finding the correct parts proved more challenging.
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1 K68718-00 Muffler

2 K65038-00 Left Hand Stack

3 K65039-00 Right Hand Stack

PIPER 32-260 Exhaust