PIPER » 23-250C-F

Knisely Welding provides FAA/PMA approved parts for the Piper PA-23-250 C, D, E, and F variants. Piper PA-23-250 is also known as the Piper Aztec, and comes from the Piper PA 23 family that was initially known as the Apache line before becoming the Aztec line.

The Piper Apache is a four to six-seater, twin-engine light aircraft. The Piper PA 23-250 or the Aztec line is a based on the PA 23-I60 G variant, or a Piper Apache with a longer internal cabin and an extra window. What makes the Aztec different is that this line is powered by a 250hp Lycoming O-540-AID engines while the Apache line was powered by a 150, 160, or 235 hp engines.

PIPER 23-250C-F Exhaust

Knisley Welding services the exhaust system of the following Aztec variants:

  • 1. Piper PA 23-250 C

    A six-seater Piper Aztec with a long nose for storing baggage, powered by IO-540-C4B engine or a turbocharged TIO-540 C4B5 engine. It also has modified engine nacelles and landing gear.

  • 2. Piper PA 23-250 D

    A six-seater Piper Aztec with a long nose for storing baggage powered by O-540-A1D engines, which comes with modified instrument panel and controls.

  • 3. Piper PA-23-250 E

    Basically a Piper PA 23-250-D with a longer nose and a single-piece windshield.

  • 4. Piper PA 23-250 F

    An improved version of the Piper PA-23-250 E with better systems and modifications on its wingtips and tailplane tips.

Knisley Welding uses FAA/MPA approved parts for the above variants of the Piper Aztec line. You are guaranteed that your Piper PA 23-250 aircraft will get high-quality exhaust systems for maximum performance.

For more information on the Piper PA-23-250 and how we can help you, just give us a call and we will gladly be of service. Your Piper Aztec aircraft is in the best hands with Knisley Welding. Call us now!