PIPER » 22

Knisley Welding services the aircraft exhaust system of the Piper PA-22 model. Piper PA-22, also known as the Tri-Pacer is a high-wing light aircraft first built after World War II. It was built to provide a safer alternative to the Piper PA-20 or the Pacer, which has a tailwheel landing gear, whereas the Tri-Pacer has a nosewheel.

The 1958 Tri-Pacer can carry one crew and three passengers. It stands at 6.25 meters, with a wingspan of 8.92 meters for a total wing area of 13.70 square meters. Its weight grosses as 907 kilograms, and 503 when empty. It has a fuel capacity of 140 liters, and is powered by a Lycoming O-320 B piston aircraft engine, reaching 160 horsepower. The Tri-Pacer can reach speeds of up to 227 kilometers an hour.

PIPER 22 K10308-00 Muffler
K10308-00 Muffler


PIPER 22 11417-02 Tailpipe
11417-02 Tailpipe


PIPER 22 K12043-22 Rear Stack
K12043-22 Rear Stack


PIPER 22 K12043-23 Front Stack
K12043-23 Front Stack


PIPER 22 K13238-05 Rear Stack w/shroud
K13238-05 Rear Stack w/shroud