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Best known as the businessman’s aircraft of the 70s, Partenavia P.68C is twin-engine aircraft, often described as a monoplane that can accommodate six individuals. Built by Partenavia in the 1970s and was assumed by Vulcanair, eventually.
It was powered by two 200 hp (149 kW) Lycoming IO-360 piston engines. There are more than 10 variants of the Partenavia aircraft including the P.68 manufactured in 1972 followed by the P.68B in 1974 with the fuselage lengthened by 6in (15.2 cm) to create more space in the cockpit. Then, in 1979 the P.68C which had a lengthened nose to accommodate a weather radar was produced. A turbocharged version (the P.68C-TC) was introduced in 1980.
While its purpose is to transport civilians, it was later used as a training vehicle for aspiring commercial plane pilots.  Because of the versatility of this plane, it caters to more customers than one market.
The upscale market of this aircraft is more particular with how the aircraft sounds when it takes off and lands. This is when a muffler plays a critical role in keeping clients happy.
Kinsley Welding Inc., can provide both service maintenance and supply parts for the aircraft. With highly skilled technicians, an aircraft is not just a piece of machine but is treated like a client.

K68.6-1033B1 Left Hand Muffler

PARTENAVIA Partenavia P-68C K68.6-1033B1 Left Hand Muffler
K68.6-1033B1 Left Hand Muffler

K68-6.1033B2 Right Hand Muffler

PARTENAVIA Partenavia P-68C K68-6.1033B2 Right Hand Muffler
K68-6.1033B2 Right Hand Muffler