Partenavia Construzioni Aeronautiche was an Italian aircraft manufacturer formed by Professor Luigi Pascale of Naples University shortly after World War II. Partenavia became part of the Aeritalia Group in 1981, then sold to Aercosmos in 1993, and upon the declaration of bankruptcy in 1998, Vulcanair acquired all its assets, design rights, and trademarks.

Here is one of Partenavia’s aircrafts:


Partenavia P-68 is Partenavia Construzioni Aeronautiche’s most recognized design. It is a six-seater, high-wing monoplane powered by a twin-engine. The P-68 was first flown in 1970, after being built in Arzano, Italy.
Originally manufactured by Partenavia, the P-68 was later manufactured by Vulcanair. It was designed by Professor Luigi Pascale himself.
The Partenavia P-68 was originally called as Victor, but it did not push through when it reached production line. The P-68 was designed for private and business use but it was also used for training and transport purposes. It has also been used for military purposes.
A number of variants of the Partenavia P-68 was manufactured. Some of these are:

  • 1. P-68 B – longer fuselage

  • 2. P-68 Observer – Has a transparent nose for police work; built with German company Sportavia-Putzer

  • 3. P-68 Spartacus – 9-seater version built with Aeritalia

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  • Partenavia P-68C

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Partenavia P-68C