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The entire modified exhaust system of the aircraft has a supplemental certification and the following parts are the exhaust components of the Mooney m-20 series that Knisley Welding provides;  

1. K630045M-503 Muffler

2. K630045M-507 Left Front Riser

3. K630045M-509 Right Front Riser

4. K630045M-511 Right Rear Riser

5. K630045M-513 Left Rear Riser

6. K630045M-501 Tailpipe

7. 630057-000 Shroud

8. 850-3

Exhaust Exhaust

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The Mooney International Corporation was founded in 1929 by Mooney brothers, Albert and Arthur, and they manufacture single-engine piston powered general aviation aircraft. Mooney aircraft are acclaimed in the aviation industry as groundbreakers in more than one instance too; in fact, Mooney was the first general aviation company to produce a pressurized single-engined, piston-powered aircraft, the M22 Mustang, and the first to produce the fastest civilian single-engine piston-powered aircraft in the world, he M20TN Acclaim Type S.

The Mooney m-20 is the general aviation aircraft family featuring low wings, tricycle landing gear, and a Lycoming IO-360 200 hp engine, first manufactured and produced by Mooney in 1955 and throughout it’s over 60 year history, the m-20 has undergone several variations. No matter which decade your Mooney aircraft was produced in though, all models are renowned for their powerful performance and overall reduction in drag due to the numerous refinements made by engineers over the years of production. 

So if you are fortunate enough to own one of the over 11,000 m-20 family aircraft produced by Mooney since 1955, then quality made exhaust parts are an absolute necessity to maintaining the maximum performance for your aircraft, and Knisley Welding is the place you can trust to find those parts.