Mooney International Corporation. (formerly Mooney Aviation Company, and Mooney Aircraft Company) is a Chinese-owned aircraft manufacturer based in Kerrville, Texas. They are best known for single-engined general aviation aircrafts, and that all their aircraft carry the signature vertical stabilizer with vertical leading edge and swept trailing edge, giving the illusion of being forwardly swept.

Mooney was founded as the Mooney Aircraft Corporation by Albert Mooney and his brother Arthur in 1929 through funding from the Bridgeport Machine Company of Wichita, Kansas. It went bankrupt in 1930. Albert then started Mooney Aircraft Inc in 1946. Mooney has undergone a couple of reorganizations through the years. Currently, it is owned by Soaring America Corporation.

Mooney has gained popularity for being able to produce the following:

  1. M22 Mustang the first pressurized single-engined, piston powered aircraft.

  2. M20TN Acclain Type S the fastest civilian single-engined, piston-powered aircraft.

  3. M20J 201 the first production aircraft to achive 323kph on 200hp.

  4. M20K 231 the fastest transcontinental flight in a single-engined,
    piston-powered production aircraft.

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M-20 180 HP
M-20 200 HP