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The Cessna 402c is part of a series of aircraft produced by Cessna from 1966-1985, and they were originally produced to be inexpensive, both in terms of purchasing the aircraft and operating it. Outfitted with two, Continental TSIO-520-VB turbocharged, fuel-injected piston engines, each with 325 horsepower, the 402c seats up to 9 passengers. Both the 401 and the 402 models were created as a development of the Cessna 411.


As a variant of the 402, the 402c are often equipped with what are known as vortex generators which have the purpose of increasing the maximum allowable takeoff weight, in addition to an increase in the maximum allowable landing weight. Also called the Uliliner/Businessliner, the 402c also has a longer wingspan than the previous variants in the 401/402 series, and uses hydraulic instead of electric landing gear. A total of 1,535 Cessna 402’s were built and in addition to operating in the United States, these aircraft are also in operation in Micronesia and the Caribbean. 

So if you are one of the lucky civilians who depends on the reliable variants of the Cessna 402 series model aircraft, then you need to have the quality exhaust parts to depend on as well, and Knisley Welding is where you can find them. In addition to the extensive list of certified exhaust parts available in our catalogue, Knisley Welding offers the following parts for the Cessna model 402c: 

1 K9910295-14 RH Stack Assembly

2 K5355108-4 Slip Joint

3 K9910377-2 ** RH Stack

4 K9910433-6 Header

5 K9910377-1 ** LH Stack

6 K9910295-13 LH Stack Assembly

7 K9910433-3 LH Tailpipe

* K9910433-2 RH Tailpipe

8 K9910433-7 ** Overboard Pipe

9 K0850660M-1 Bellow Assembly (Reduces Load Transfer-Sold In Pairs Only)

 ** Available in Alloy 625

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