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Manufactured and produced by Cessna between 1971-1984, the Cessna 340 is a light, twin piston engine aircraft that was originally based off the previously successful, Cessna 310. This Cessna aircraft seats a total of six, with four passenger seats, and features both the tail and landing gear that were based on the Cessna 310 model as well, with the wings of the aircraft however being based on the Cessna 414. 


As the first light twin aircraft with a spacious and pressurized cabin, the Cessna 340 has always been popular with pilots and aircraft enthusiasts alike. In terms of the Cessna 340’s engine, the initial models were equipped with two turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-K engines, each with 285 horsepower. Starting in 1976 though, engines in the Cessna 340 were upgraded to the Continental TSIO-520-NB, an even more powerful engine with 310 horsepower. This 340 model aircraft was in production for close to 15 years and during that time, over 1,200 Cessna 340 were made in the United States.


If you are trying to find quality modified exhaust parts from a trusted parts provider for your Cessna 340 variants then Knisely Welding the place to find them, and at Knisely Welding you will find all the FAA/PMA approved parts for Cessna 340 model aircraft series. 

The entirety of the exhaust system is backed with supplemental certification so you can be sure that the parts and services you receive are of the highest quality, and Knisely Welding is proud to be able to offer the following parts for Cessna 340 owners: 

1 K9910295-14 RH Stack Assembly

2 K5355108-4 Slip Joint

3 K9910299-4 ** RH Stack

4 K9910341-1 Header

5 K9910299-3 ** LH Stack

6 K9910295-13 LH Stack Assembly

7 K9910299-2 RH Tailpipe

* K9910299-1 LH Tailpipe

8 K5250125-1 Overboard Pipe

9 K0850660M-1 Bellow Assembly (Reduces Load Transfer-Sold In Pairs Only)

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