CESSNA » 337/337P

1 1555010-21 Cylinder #5 Crossover

2 1555010-10 Cylinder #3 Stack

3 1555010-101 Adapter Assembly

4 1555010-83 Tailpipe

5 1555010-87 Adapter By-Pass

6 1555010-90 Cylinder #2 Stack

7 1555010-79 Cylinder #4 Stack

8 1555010-92 Cylinder #6 Crossover

9 K1554008-32 Heater Core

10 CS055-2 Clamp Replaces P/N 1250860-29

CESSNA 337/337P Exhaust

This version of Skymaster is the most well ridden Skymaster because it was used as an air taxi by the rich and the famous when it first came out in the 1960s.


In February 1965, Cessna introduced the Model 337 Super Skymaster, which is a cousin to the civil utility Cessna 336.


However, this model has a larger body packed with more powerful engines and stable retractable landing gears. It’s features were further enhanced by a dorsal air scoop for the rear engine.


In 1966, the turbocharged T337 was introduced, and in 1973, the pressurized P337G entered production, which are all variants of the Cessna 337.


Cessna built 2993 Skymasters of all variants, including 513 military O-2 versions of the 337.


The production line for Cessna in the US ended in 1982, but was continued by Reims in France.


To relive the nostalgia that is brought by this timeless aircraft, many enthusiasts are in the hunt to find parts of this aircraft to rebuild or repair old models.


This activity made the aircrafts parts and components pricey and servicing increased in demand.


Because of this trend, there was a difficulty in procuring trusted parts and services contrators who could take care of a vintage aircraft.



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