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The Skymaster is probably the safest aircraft in the 1960s as it is composed of a twin-engine built in a push-pull configuration.  The one of the two engines serve as a back-up should an apparatus trouble occur while coursing through the sky.  It is also characterized as twin-boom aircraft with vertical stabilizers. Models like 336 Skymaster, 337 Super Skymaster, the pressurized P337G, the turbo charged T337 once flocked the skyline. It also has Military planes like 2993 Skymasters  which includes the 513 military O-2 versions, the FTB337 STOL and the military FTMA Milirole
While Skymaster is among the favorites, its pilots have to be very careful during take off and landing because the rear engine is quick t overheat and can stall during hot summer days.
Because of these issues, owners of these aircrafts employ the most skilled mechanics in town to ensure proper maintenance of the planes. But sometimes, the weather and flying conditions are too much for this premium plane.
For instances when an overheating occurs, sometime not only engines are affected but also mufflers. Mufflers play a vital part in the overall performance of the plane. This is where Kinsley Welding Inc.’s expertise comes in.
With years of experience and quality supply of mufflers, Kinsley can repair and maintain a Skymaster back to its top game.

1 1555000-14 Right Hand Collector

2 1555000-15 Left Hand Collector

3 K1250250-5 Muffler

CESSNA 337 Exhaust