CESSNA » 336

1 1455010-1 Rear Tailpipe

2 K1455009-3 Muffler

3 1455014-31 Left Hand Collector

4 1455014-16 Right Hand Collector

CESSNA 336 Exhaust

Skymaster was first produced in 1963 but was tested for flight as early as 1961.  It was built primarily to serve as a personal aircraft but was later procured by companies for official use.


Only 194 units have been built as it stopped production in 1964.

The Cessna 336 is powered by a twin-engine, made specifically for civil utility that is assembled in a push-pull configuration. Its engines are located in the nose and hindmost of its fuselage.


It has twin booms that extends to the aft of the wings that serves as a plane stabilizer, this is also where the engines sit— between them. The horizontal stabilizer, meanwhile, is within the area of the pusher propeller, placed between and connecting the two booms.


The combined tractor and pusher engines produce centerline thrust and a sound that makes Skymaster a unique aircraft. Because of the popularity of the civil version, the Cessna O-2 Skymaster, the military version of the Cessna 337 Super Skymaster, was produced.

Because of its unique look and reliable functional features, Skymaster has been a favorite among aircraft enthusiasts.


Because of this, there were several efforts to put together or to find an intact Cessna 336 in the market today. A rebuilt Cessna 336 roughly costs $110,000 in the market today. Because of its popularity parts and components have become expensive, including exhaust and mufflers.

It has also become a struggle to find reliable suppliers with skilled mechanics to ensure that the rebuilding of the plane is done properly.


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