CESSNA » 320-320 C

1 K0850660-15 LH Stack Assembly

2 K5355108-4 Slip Joint

3 K0850655-18 ** RIB Stack

4 0850655-53 RH Header

5 K0850660-12 RH Stack Assembly

6 0850656-2 RH Tailpipe

** Available in Alloy 625

7 K0850660M-1 Bellow Assembly (Reduces Load Transfer-Sold In Pairs Only)

CESSNA 320-320 C RH Exhaust
RH Exhaust

The Cessna 320, also known as Skynight, is a huge celebrity among plane enthusiasts. It is a luxurious aircraft used for lucrative outings and important business meetings between partners.

It is a famous business plane because it had enough space for a small cabin that can fit up to six people which meant the wealthy had plenty of space.

Powered by a 260 horsepower engine, this aircraft is more than just eye candy; it also has a powerful engine to boot with top speed reaching 230 knots and can cruise at 204 knots.

The 320 C variation, on the other hand, has a longer cabin body that allows it to load one more person expanding its capacity to a seven-seater aircraft. About 73 units were built for this model.

For the Cessna 320, including all its variations, about 577 units were built since it entered the production line in 1960.

However, despite the glittery image this aircraft has, many enthusiasts believe that its mufflers are still too noisy. That is why a lot of them have configured the mufflers and exhaust of this model to get a smoother take off.

Because of this modification, regular exhaust and muffler checks are required to ensure that they remain intact and functional.

1 0850656-1 LH Tailpipe

2 K0850655-23 ** LOB Stack

3 0850655-54 LH Header

4 K0850655-22 ** LIB Stack

** Available in Alloy 625

CESSNA 320-320 C LH Exhaust
LH Exhaust