CESSNA » 310 R


1 K9910295-13 LH Stack Assembly

2 K9910295-14 RH Stack Assembly

3 K9910297-1 Muffler

CESSNA 310 R Exhaust
The first twin-engine produced by Cessna following  World War II is the Cessna 310R. It was in production for more than 20 years because of the powerful engine and nice throttle that it produces one engaged. 
First flown in 1954, there were more than 5,000 units sold worldwide until its stopped production in 1980.
Introduced by many as the air taxi, the Cessna 310 was mainly used to charter personal private flights during the height of air taxi firms that came right after the war. Air taxis rode the aviation boom when airplanes were owned as part of a collection to vehicles. 
With better operating cost and performance, no question why Cessna 310 became a darling.  It could also fly even with short runways despite carrying a massive load of  2,000 lb (910 kg) or heavier, running at speeds that were then perceived as too fast for a twin-engine piston aircraft.
And since there are various units delivered some of those that have stayed in the market now are modified or need repair. While this model is a superstar, it is not invincible to wear and tear. 
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