CESSNA » 210 Early

The early Cessna 210, the 210 and 210A, is a light aircraft designed and manufactured by Cessna Aircraft in 1957. This high-wing, single engine aircraft with retractable landing gear seats four passengers and is equipped with a Continental IO-470 engine with 260 hp. A substantial redesigning of the fuselage and wing were undertaken in 1961 which made the fuselage much deeper and wider, as well as the addition of a third side window, later dubbed the 210A.


Between the years 1957-1986, Cessna produced over 9,000 of the early 210 aircraft and during that time, there was a total of 26 variants produced as well. Additionally, the Cessna 210 is available with several different modifications including various engine installations, speed brakes, wingtip tanks, gear door modifications, and STOL (short take off and landing) kits. Historically, the Cessna 210 early aircraft have been used for civilian purposes ranging from air taxi and commercial charter ventures, flight training schools, and private operations while it’s military history includes, but is not limited to service in the countries of Jamaica, Mexico, and the Philippines.

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CESSNA 210 Early Exhaust

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