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K1250263-2 Left Hand Collector

2 K1250250-5 Left Hand Muffler

** K156020-2 Muffler

3 K1250256-7 Left Hand Tailpipe

4 K1250251-16 Right Hand Muffler

** K156020-1 Muffler

5 K1250264-2 Right Hand Collector

6 K1250251-13 Right Hand Muffler

7 K1250264-6 Right Hand Tailpipe


CESSNA 206/207/210 Exhaust
Exhaust More about the Cessna 206, 207, and 210

The Cessna 206 and 207, together with Cessna 205, form a family of light aircraft with fixed landing gear and a single engine. The line is also known as a number of names which include Skywagon, Super Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane. The line was based on the Cessna 210 but the latter has a retractrable landing gear.

A.Cessna 206

Cessna 206 is a six-seater aircraft and was produced from 1964 to 1986. It was reintroduced in 1998. A couple of variants of the Cessna 206 were produced and some of them are the Cessna U206, the Cessna P206, and the Cessna 206H.

The U206 variant, where “U” stands for utility, features a 285 hp Continental IO-520-A engine, a pilot side door, and a large clamshell rear door for easy loading of cargo of large size. It was known as the Station Wagon of the Air, or Stationair.

The P206 variant, where “P” stands for people, features a 285 hp Continental IO-520-A engine, and passenger doors similar to the 210 model. It was known as the Super Skylane.

The 206H was the variant made as the 206 was reintroduced in 1998. It was similar to the U206 variant, therefore marketed as the Stationair. The main difference is that it was powered by a Lycoming IO-540-AC1A engine at 300 hp.

B. Cessna 207

Cessna 207 is a seven-seater (later eight-seater) aircraft. It was similar to the Cessna 206 but 45 inches longer, giving space for more seats. It also gave way for nose baggage compartment. It was introduced in 1969, and powered by a Continental IO-520-F engine at 300 hp. Cessna 207 was known as the Skywagon until it was changed to the Stationair 7 in 1977, when the engine was also changed to the Continental TSIO-520-M at 310 hp. When an eight seat was added in 1980, the name was changed to Stationair 8.

Some variants of the Cessna 207 are the turbocharged modes T207 TurboSkywagon and the T207A TurboSkywagon or Turbo Stationair8.

C. Cessna 210

The Cessna 210 is a six-seater, high-winged, high-performance light aircraft with a retractable gear, and powered by a single-engine. It was produced from 1957 to 1986 and was also known as the Cessna Centurion.

The original Cessna 210 had four seats, and powered by a continental IO-470 engine at 260 hp. It was very similar to the Cessna 182B except for the retractable landing gear, a swept tail, and a new wing. Some variants of the Cessna 210 were turbocharged and known as the Turbo Centurion.

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