CESSNA » 188 T

Cessna 188 T comes from a huge family of agriculture aircrafts made by Cessna between 1966 and 1983. This particular model has eight more older brothers that are also meant to help the farmers in their day to day activities namely 188 AGwagon 230, 188A AGwagon "A",188A AGwagon "B", 188B AGpickup, A188 AGwagon 300, A188A AGwagon "A", A188A AGwagon "B", and A188B, AGwagon "C" and AGtruck.

There are roughly, 3,900 units of the Cessna 188 built since 1966 until all production line has seized operations for new models.

But this variety of the Cessna 188, also known as the AG Husky, is loaded with a turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-T 310 horsepower or 231 kilowatt powerplant, a 280 US gallon or 1060-liter hopper, and a normal category gross weight of 3,300 pounds of 1,497 kilos and 4,400 pounds or 1,996 kilos in the restricted category.

This model first flew in 1978, and was in production until 1985.

And since the Husky came from a long line of other agricultural Cessna planes, its owners are having hard time looking for a supplier and service provider who can cater specifically to the Cessna 188T.

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1 642500 Header

2 3208672-93 Muffler

3 K642499 Tee Assembly w/Risers

4 642510 Tailpipe

5 643879 Tube

6 K643882 Bypass

CESSNA 188 T Exhaust