CESSNA » 188


There are aircrafts meant to travel the world, some go to war, while others stay and help the farmers like the Cessna 188.
Built by the Cessna Aircraft Company, this aircraft is a well-known friend to dear farmers.  There were several variants created under this model like the AGcarryall variant of the 185, AGwagon, AGtruck, AGhusky, and AGpickup.
Since this is an aircraft built for the most industrious people on Earth and has the most promising mission, it is inevitable for some of its parts to submit to wear and tear.
Mufflers are no exception from the stress the entire machine goes through during a day on the skyline. Maybe not a lot will agree, but certainly aircraft owners would attest the importance of a perfectly conditioned muffler. At Kinsley Welding Inc., the mechanics do not test and repair mufflers they also ensure that they have enough parts to maintain the machine.
Kinsley also maintains a well-stocked warehouse so clients are confident that their aircrafts can be serviced in the soonest time possible and they are being tuned by the best mechanics in the field. Machine Parts is just one side of the coin, a well- trained mechanic compliments the entire procedure. Which is why at Kinsley, mechanics are up to date to the latest most effective trends in maintaining aircrafts.


CESSNA 188 K1650033-38 Muffler
K1650033-38 Muffler


CESSNA 188 K1650033-21 Muffler
K1650033-21 Muffler

K1650033-11 Tailpipe

CESSNA 188 K1650033-11 Tailpipe
K1650033-11 Tailpipe