CESSNA » 180/182/185

You can find quality exhaust systems for your Cessna 180, Cessna 182, or Cessna 185 here at Knisley Welding.

Currently, we can offer the following for your Cessna 180, Cessna 182, or Cessna 185 aircraft:

  • K0750161-89M Muffler Replaces 0750161-21, CEM0002, 0750161-21
  • K0750161-67A Collector 12.5"
  • K0750161-67B Collector 13"
  • CS056-1 Clamp Half Replaces P/N 0750161-22
  • CS056-2 Clamp Half w/Pin Replaces P/N 0750161-24

CESSNA 180/182/185 Exhaust

Knisley Welding provides quality parts and systems for your aircrafts to ensure that they perform to their fullest capacities.

You can trust that our exhaust systems are some of the best on the market. So if you’re looking for an aircraft exhaust system for your Cessna 180, Cessna 182, or Cessna 185, then Knisley Welding is the place to go!

About the Aircrafts

The Cessna 180, or the Cessna Skywagon, is a four-seater or six-seater light utility aircraft that was made as a heavier and more powerful alternative to the Cessna 170. The first of its type flew on May 26, 1952.

The Cessna 182, or the Cessna Skylane, is a four-seater light utility aircraft which was made as a tricycle-gear variant of the Cessna 180. It first flew in the year 1956.

The Cessna 185 is an improved version of the Cessna 180. It carries a strengthened fuselage. Being basically a Cessna 180, the Cessna 185 is also called as the Cessna Skywagon.