Just like other vehicles, aircrafts have its own version of top of line variant for a particular model. For Cessna 177 Cardinal, it is probably the Cessna 177 RG.


The final aircraft in the 177 line was the retractable-gear 177RG Cardinal RG, a popular direct competitor to the Piper PA-28-200R Cherokee Arrow and Beechcraft Sierra. This model has its nose gear folding rearward; when opened the gear door formed a small air brake behind the propeller.


To offset the 145 lb (66 kg) increase in empty weight, the 177RG had a 200 horse power (149 kW) Lycoming IO-360 engine. The excess weight, according to mechanics can be attributed to the electrically powered hydraulic gear mechanism. But, this extra weight also allowed the increase of the maximum weight by 300 lbs.


The 177RG is loaded with a 200 horse power or 149 Kilowatts Lycoming IO-360 engines. The engine gave an additional power and cleaner lines for the 177RG which resulted in a cruise speed of 148 knots (274 km/h), 22 knots (41 km/h); faster than the 177B.


About 1,543 units of 177RGs were delivered by manufacturers, US and Reims, Cessna's licensed partner in France. Those built in France by Reims were referred to as the Reims F177RG.


And since there are two manufacturers of this model, owners have a hard time locating parts and service, especially the exhaust and mufflers.


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1 2054000-39 RIGHT Hand Muffler

2 2054002-16 RIGHT Inboard Riser

3 2054002-14 RIGHT Outboard Riser

4 2054019-1 Crossover

5 2054000-42 LEFT Hand Muffler

6 2054001-18 LEFT Forward Riser

7 2054001-16 LEFT Aft Riser

CESSNA 177 RG Exhaust