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Cessna 172R and Cessna 172S
The Cessna 172 is hailed as the “most popular and widespread” aircraft for initial training in the United States. It enjoys the same level of popularity among students and professional pilots around the world. 

Why? According to skyeagle.aero, the Cessna 172 has:

  • Aerodynamic characteristics important for beginners
  • The upper wing opens to provide an excellent view in all directions
  • Allows easy access into the cab
The Cessna 172 is also affectionately called “Chicken Hawk” or “Fryhawk” when flown in warmer climates.
Cessna 172R
The Cessna 172R is more popularly known as the Cessna 172R Skyhawk. According to pilotfriend.com, it “is possibly the most important light aircraft to enter production in the 1990s.” It is regarded as the current version of the most popular general aviation (GA) aircraft in history. 
The 172R Skyhawk is modeled after the 172N but with a Textron Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine. It is said to be significantly quieter than its predecessors as its maximum power is only at 2400rpm.
It also features contoured front seats which can move up, down, and recline; a multi-level ventilation system; standard four-point intercom; interior soundproofing; and energy absorbing 26g seats.
Cessna 172S
The Cessna 172S is a 180-hp model with the same fuel-injected engine as the 172R. The seats are strong, adjustable, and durable. Seat belts are secured in a single snap and there are AmSafe airbags. 
The 172S is considered the “higher performance” Skyhawk and is marketed towards owner-users. 
The 172S was first produced in 1998. Its advantage over the 172R is that the maximum engine rpm was increased from 2,400 rpm to 2,700 rpm — a difference of resulting 20-hp from the 172R. 

This model is also known as the Cessna Skyhawk SP, but in type certification data sheets, it is recorded as Cessna 172S.
Both the Cessna 172R exhaust and Cessna 172S exhaust systems feature a muffler with a 13-inch tailpipe. Give your Cessna 172 a new lease on life with the Power Flow system. 

According to the Power Flow Systems website: “The Power Flow is a versatile, quality constructed, complete replacement of the entire exhaust system on your 172. A new Cabin and Carburetor Heat shroud (utilizing your current SCAT tube hook-ups) is included.”

And you’ll feel the difference in flight: fly higher and faster with less fuel.  


K1754001-23 Muffler

CESSNA 172R, 172S K1754001-23 Muffler
K1754001-23 Muffler

K1754007-1 Right Rear Riser

CESSNA 172R, 172S K1754007-1 Right Rear Riser
K1754007-1 Right Rear Riser

K1754010-1 Right Front Riser

CESSNA 172R, 172S K1754010-1 Right Front Riser
K1754010-1 Right Front Riser

K1754008-3 Left Rear Riser

CESSNA 172R, 172S K1754008-3 Left Rear Riser
K1754008-3 Left Rear Riser

K1754009-3 Left Front Riser

CESSNA 172R, 172S K1754009-3 Left Front Riser
K1754009-3 Left Front Riser