CESSNA » 152 » Exhaust

1 K0454009-5 Muffler Replaces P/N's  0454009-1

2 K0454009-6 Muffler

3 K0454023-2 Left Front Riser

* K0454002-11 Left Front Riser

4 K0454023-4 Right Front Riser

* K0454002-4 Right Front Riser

5 K0454023-3 Right Rear Riser

* K0454002-2 Right Rear Riser

6 K0454023-1 Left Rear Riser

* K0454002-10 Left Rear Riser

7. CS055-1 Clamp Replaces P/N 070161-25

Exhaust Exhaust

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