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Cessna 150 is popular among private jet owners who like to travel, try new exciting and harness their full potential as a pilot.
This model, first built in the 1950s, is best known as a travel plane, a trainer plane, and an aerobat.  Four variants of this model namely Commuter, Commuter II, Patroller and Aerobat models have captured the hearts of many, making it the most bought units of this aircrafts.
The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane which got its design from the earlier Cessna 140. Instead of using the rounded wingtips of the Cessna 140, the Cessna 150 used horizontal and vertical stabilizers with a modern squared profile. Also, the narrow-hinged wing flaps of the Cessna 140 were replaced by larger Fowler flaps which became more effective for landing and take-off.
The 150s were manufactures in two countries— France and America. A letter F in the plane body would later indicate that the aircraft is made in France and is powered by a Rolls Royce-built Continental O-200-As and versions have Continental O-240-A engines. American made units were American-made 150s were all produced with the Continental O-200-A 100 hp (75 kW) engine.
Because there are two manufacturers, some plane owners find themselves in a difficult position when looking for spare parts, especially for exhaust, and other maintenance services.
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1 K0450400-3 LH Muffler 

2 K0450400-69 LH Riser

3 K0450338-67 LH Tailpipe

4 K0450400-26M RH Muffler Replaces P/N 0450400-4

5 K0450400-74 RH Riser

6 K0450338-66 RH Tailpipe

7 K0450400-26 RH Muffler

8 K0450400-70 RH Riser

9 0550176-50 Clamp

10 CS051-5P Clamp Replaces P/N 0550157-5, 0450338-9, 0450338-10

CESSNA 150 Exhaust