Why is plane maintenance so important?

Before a plane can take off, it needs to go through maintenance and inspection.

An aircraft is composed of complex pieces of machinery put together. Even a tiny component out of place or not correctly attached can affect how your aircraft operates, making it unsafe for flying,

Aircraft maintenance is a holistic procedure that should be done regularly in order to maintain the airworthiness of your plane, whether it is new or old.

It also ensures the lifecycle of your aircraft, lowers the maintenance cost in the long run, and reduces unexpected failure events.

This should not be taken for granted. Lack of proper maintenance has caused several high profile cases of aircraft accidents in recent years. This is among the reasons why large airlines and even small plane owners set aside some time and budget to keep their planes in good flying condition.

Plane maintenance programs are usually pre-scheduled, but some are sudden and unscheduled because the pilot or inspector found a problem right before your flight.

But why is plane maintenance so important? Here are some reasons why your plane should be maintained.

It is a requirement
The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has developed and standardized regulations, national directives, policy procedures, and advisory material governing the certification, inspection, and surveillance of maintenance aspects of all planes.

All planes—whether commercial of general aviation—are required to go through a maintenance process to make sure they are ready to transport passengers to and from different areas on time.

It ensures the safety of all passengers
As planes are used to ferry people to their final destination, lives are at stake. The airline company, owner of the aircraft, and pilot have the responsibility to make sure they get to the places they need to be.

Going through routine maintenance procedures will minimize complications and emergency situations while flying as this ensures all parts are in the right place and working correctly.

It can prolong your plane’s lifespan
Regular plane maintenance extends the life of your aircraft. You don’t have to wait for one part to be broken before fixing or replacing it. By addressing the issue beforehand, your plane would deliver a better flying performance for a longer time.

This means lower maintenance cost too
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) said undertaking routine maintenance on your plane would allow you to save “a substantial percentage of the annual maintenance costs” that comes with owning and operating an aircraft.

Addressing a problematic part of your plane when it is already broken means more repairs are needed to be done. Your aircraft could be grounded when something wrong is found during pre-flying inspections. And when you’re already mid-air, and something goes wrong, more costs arising from complaints and cases from your passengers await you.

Plane owners need to develop a maintenance program to maintain the aircraft’s airworthy condition and to ensure safe flying.

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