Why Did Small Plane Aviation Thrive in the COVID Economy?

COVID-19 disrupted life as we’ve known it. In a snap, everything had changed. People are staying in; travels are canceled; schools are closed. It sent the world and the economy to a big giant pause.

But there is one particular industry that beat the worst of it – the small plane aviation industry. When lockdowns were imposed, non-essential travels were banned. Many airlines decommissioned their planes because maintaining the fleet became too expensive without commercial flights to fund it. Even household name airlines were affected by this pandemic. But the same is not true for the small plane industry. In fact, it sees the opposite.

Commercial aviation in lockdown

Different countries have imposed varying restrictions. Some have begun to accept tourists and non-essential travelers, but a lot of countries have not. The impact this created on the commercial aviation industry is catastrophic. Since travel is banned, there is no reason why airlines should maintain a flight to particular locations. Travelling came to a halt, and people who rely on commercial flights to travel are now left with no choice but to stay put.

Small planes as a safe alternative

Everyone knows that commercial aviation is more practical and safer. When it comes to safely moving people across countries or states, it is still the go-to choice of most people. But that fact is challenged in the face of this pandemic. Many are not comfortable yet with the idea of spending hours in an enclosed cabin with a lot of people who are breathing the same air. Although it has not been proven yet whether commercial flights bring a higher risk of infection rate, people are still cautious. Commercial aviation indeed stopped for a while, but people’s need for traveling and getting around has not. Small planes are an excellent alternative for getting where you need to go without the fear of catching the virus.

The convenience of small planes

If you think going to an airport and boarding a commercial flight is such a hassle before, imagine how complicated and stringent the parameters can be now in the face of this pandemic. With smaller planes, you don’t have to go through such a stressful experience. You won’t also have to worry about delayed flights, annoying co-passengers, and screaming babies.

It is important to note that there are more than 5,000 airports in this country. Commercial airlines serve but a fraction of that number. If you initially thought it might be difficult to travel via small aircraft because of the logistics and facilities, think again!

There are close to a million people employed for taking care of these five thousand public-use airports. A significant budget from public funding is allotted for maintaining and upgrading these airports so that you can fly your planes with no worries.

The great value proposition of small planes

While general aviation may sound like an expensive responsibility, it actually offers a great value proposition if you manage it correctly. Even if you are not a hobbyist, you can still appreciate small planes.

If you travel a lot for work and you need to fly to meet with clients or to go to important business meetings, you will not think twice before boarding your plane because you will be far from the presence of people who might be carrying the virus. There is no final and lasting solution yet to this pandemic, and until such time, the business opportunities you pass on because you can’t travel are also costing you a lot of money.

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