What is the safest self-piloted small plane?

Flying has always been a scary thing to do for a vast number of people. The idea of leaving the ground and staying up in the air for hours causes anxiety for many. It is understandable because, in all honesty, flying is not a natural thing for humans to do. Without the help of science and technology, flying is otherwise unthinkable for humankind. 

However, the development in aviation has made it possible to fly more safely over the years. Any survey and study will tell you that you are more likely to suffer an injury from a car ride than from a flight. We are not talking here about a slight percentage difference. We mean, there is 1/5,000 chances of you getting hurt in a car, while 1/11,000,000 in a plane. That is a world of difference if you ask us.  

Humans have almost perfected the science of flying. Centuries have been spent studying and mastering this technology to ensure the safety of any passenger. Over time, we were introduced to small planes, large planes, self-piloted planes, and many more. But, we are so used to flying in big commercial airplanes that we have come to trust them more.

However, self-piloted small planes also provide a safe alternative!

Truth be told, the safety of an aircraft has more to do about maintenance and airworthiness rather than size. Generally, self-piloted small planes are very safe. You have to remember to operate it within its limits. Carefully read and understand its limitations before flying it anywhere. 

Planes like Cessna 152/ 172, Piper, and Mooney are favorites among non-commercial pilots.   

These planes have a lot of power and have the functions of a modern commercial aircraft besides its size. These have a glass cockpit and built-in parachutes perfect for beginner pilots.   

But in reality, as we have already mentioned, the plane’s airworthiness is more about proper care and maintenance. Most aircraft have undergone a series of rigid testing so that you can count on it. It is when aircraft are released and managed by individuals that problems arise. 

Aircrafts are delicate machines, and you should only trust experts when it comes to maintaining them. Simple things such as checking engines and exhaust are crucial to these machines.   

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