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Knisley Welding, Inc. has been serving the aviation community since 1974. Aircraft exhaust systems have always been difficult to find and a problem to maintain. Knisley Welding, Inc. was formed to fill that need. We started our business in repair and moved into manufacturing. Our extensive inventory and quality service provides exhaust components to owners, operators, and repair stations throughout the world.

Knisley in History

Since 1974 when Glenn Knisley began the company as a repair shop, Knisley Welding, Inc. has dutifully served the aviation community. Glenn Knisley learned welding in the military and was a supervisor in the welding department at Mather Air Force Base. Formed to fit aircraft exhaust’s difficult nature, after it being discovered when an aircraft owner brought a muffler for repair that there were no local aviation exhaust repairers available at the time, Glenn Knisley began his repair shop. Glenn soon after made a partnership with his brother, Floyd in Rancho Cordova as a start up partner. Later, Bill moved from San Diego to join what would become a legendary family business. Their sons and daughters would follow in their footsteps and carry on the family legacy as they graduated from school and joined their family company, until Knisley Welding, Inc. was well known as a repairer and manufacturer nationwide. Demand from the original founder and siblings grew as word quickly spread about their quality, dependency, and wide variety of PMA and FAA approved parts.

Today, Knisley Welding, Inc. provides a wide variety of dependable inventory as well as a multitude of services for owners, operators, and repair stations over the world and proudly holds over 400 PMA’s. Our number one priority from the beginning has been to provide excellent quality and craftsmanship as our existing standard. In 1983, Knisley Welding, Inc. moved to, and has stayed until present day, in Loomis, CA.

Knisley Welding: Aircraft Exhaust Systems Experts

Current services not only include access to our extensive inventory, but a DMIR on site and 8130’s upon request, as well as design and manufacturing expertise for custom aircraft exhaust systems. Much more is available to provide the best for your aircraft, and all information and resources are available on our website.

Warranties are a part of our quality guarantee. Knisley Welding, Inc. provides new and overhaul aircraft parts against craftsmanship defects under conditions or usual use and service for one year, beginning at sale time, to provide a guarantee for quality. This warranty does not apply to improper installation, misuse, neglect, damage by an accident, or products that have been mutilated, altered, or repaired outside Knisley’s authority. Products under warranty must also be returned to Knisley Welding, Inc.’s facility, as Knisley is the sole judge of defects and returns. View our website for further information on warranties.


Because we are always striving to provide excellent service and high quality for all your aircraft exhaust needs, we urge you to contact us with any questions you may have or to receive more information. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8am- 4:30pm.

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You can also visit our website to contact us. Our website also has a full catalog and more information about our company. Visit our website for more information about our products and offered services. Here at Knisley Welding, we make you a priority!