Top Aviation Magazines

Part of having a hobby is building knowledge about the craft. Whether it is cooking, music, sports, it is natural for hobbyists to seek new information. For some, it comes easier due to a wide range of learning materials available. For others, it can be quite challenging.  

For aircraft enthusiasts, learning about flying and planes has never been this easy. A lot of magazines specifically dedicated to the craft have come about. We have come up with a list of the top ten best aviation magazines you should check out! 

Flypast Magazine 

The Flypast is an internationally regarded magazine that has brought the world aviation information, history, and more since 1980. It features not just history and heritage, but also in-depth discussion of aircraft types, air forces, and manufacturers worldwide. It also shows a personal take on aviation by highlighting aircrew memories, stories of pilots, and hobbyists. It also discusses the latest news in aviation.   

Flying Magazine 

The Flying magazine is hailed as the most widely read aviation magazine. Its issues deliver reliable information on aircrafts, flying safety, maintenance, new products, new aviation technology, and accessories. It also features real-life stories of pilots and hobbyists. Readers can also be updated with news in the industry, such as trends, events, and new regulations.  

Skies Magazine 

For those who are looking for a fresh and innovative voice in the aviation industry, Skies Magazine. What separates this magazine apart from other is its unique take on the stories of influential people in the industry. It features stories and profiles about important people in aviation from various sectors such as business, commercial, military, and more.  

Light Aviation Magazine 

If you are more interested in light aviation, then Light Aviation Magazine is the best option for you. Readers will be delighted by the massive collection of articles about aircraft building, restoring, and flying. There is always a feature of new aviation products and services.   

Cessna Owner Magazine 

Some enthusiasts are particular with brands and types of aircraft, that is why some magazines focus on specific brands. Cessna Owner Magazine features everything a Cessna owner should know. It is the official magazine of the Cessna Owner Organization. For 30 years, it has been serving Cessna owners, providing them with aircraft information and tips and stories. 

Kitplanes Magazine 

Kitplanes magazine is an independent voice in aviation. It is a well-loved publication that focuses on homebuilt aviation. It is a home for amateur builders, flyers, and designers. It has a special category for new products, development in the field, and builder reports. Kitplanes magazine delights its readers with 12 issues a year, but it can also change the number of issues per year.  

Aviation Safety Magazine 

Aviation Safety Magazine is an authority in risk management and accident report. Any aviation enthusiast ought to get a copy of this magazine. It brings credible, hard-hitting, and updated reporting about aviation safety. It discusses real-life experiences of other pilots and shows feedback of top safety counselors in the field. Aviation Safety Magazine usually has 12 issues a year.  

Aeroplane Magazine 

For aircraft enthusiasts who love reading up on the history of aviation, Aeroplane magazine is here to satisfy the hunger for knowledge. Aeroplane covers comprehensive historical data that dates back to the golden age of aviation. It also has a significant contribution in documenting aviation history for military aircraft in the pre-war era. 

 Flyer Magazine 

The Flyer is an online magazine that caters to individuals who are passionate about flying.  It covers new aviation technology and cutting-edge prototypes. Most of the necessary things you need to know about flying can be found in this magazine’s issues.   

General Aviation News magazine 

General Aviation News magazine prides itself on having a comprehensive collection of information. Pilots may rely on this magazine to provide the latest updates in federal regulation, technology, and aircraft maintenance.  

Information about aviation has become more accessible through time. These magazines have strived for years to establish themselves as the aviation authority. Now is the perfect time for everyone, whether an enthusiast or not, to expand the knowledge!