The New Airspace Explorer App Sweeping the UK!

Airspace Explorer is a new app that was designed to track all types of planes. This app is distinct from other plane tracking apps because it allows people to watch a real-time aircraft during their flights on a live 3D map.

This app is available on iPad and right now it is certified to track the airspace throughout the United Kingdom.

Airspace Explorer provides a wide variety of information for those interested in tracking flights. Not only does it easily display information on the flights themselves and the surrounding airports, but it also provides detailed data about the airspace itself.

The Airspace Explorer website invites users to “play with the app and learn about the difference between controlled and uncontrolled airspace and the different types of airspace structures that exist. You can also see the Sectors that we use in the UK to divide up the airspace and allocate Air Traffic Controllers to manage”.

Another distinguishing feature is Airspace Explorer’s access to United Kingdom radar data, which shows exact aircraft position. There are certain classifications of aircrafts, such as military planes, that are not shown on the map. However, Airspace Explorer does pick up smaller aircraft that are often ignored by other flight tracking apps.

Lastly, one of the most exciting new features of this app is the groundbreaking 3D experience. At a glance the user can determine relative altitudes. It even gives a 3D representation of the shapes and sizes of each plane. You can navigate around the 3D app easily by pinch zooming in or out and scrolling to move around the airspace.