The Important Role of your Community Airport

Community airports have become the subject of land redevelopment for real estate projects such as housing, offices and retail strips. 

These facilities are large plots of land, making them perfect for urban developments. 

Not everyone will know, but community airports are vital to any locality because of its quantifiable benefits to the people and to the community itself.  

They may not be able to accommodate large and commercial planes, but it is a gateway for fast intercity or interstate travel, and that is crucial in bringing value into your community. 

Weve listed some reasons why community airports are vital in any town or city. 

It boosts economic activity 

A community airportalso called general aviation airportprovides the capability for fast and on-demand transportation and this allows new business and trade to come in. 

Small to communities benefit from what the airfield brings in. Economic stimulants like factories, warehouses, and commercial stores help create job opportunities and generate local revenue, which the city could use in improving infrastructure and services to enhance the quality of life. 

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, an airport has a multiplier effect on local jobs and income, whereby every $1 spent in the airport leads to an additional $2.53 to your local economy. 

Also, areas with airports tend to be well maintained and welcoming of new opportunities that could bring direct and indirect positive impact to the city. 

 Theres no air traffic congestion 

General aviation airports provide convenience and cost-effectiveness for personal or business travel. Unlike large, commercial airports which are congested and expensive, daily air traffic in community airports is at a minimal, thus providing alternative land strips to busy airline hubs. 

 Airline flights are also focused on major hubs. This is where community airports come inthey connect you to communities that are not served by airlines.  

 It accommodates fast delivery of services and relief 

Your community airport also opens the door for other services than ferrying people in and out of the city. It supports flights for small and mid-sized businesses, schools, universities, postal services, and other government and private-sector service providers that are immediate and swift travel. 

Moreover, your local airport is especially important in emergency cases such as bringing in disaster relief, aeromedical services, and law enforcement. 

It stimulates tourism 

Little does anyone know that even your community airport brings in tourists into your city. Aviators love flying that they try to find out new places to go to. And when they find an interesting place, they share it with their fellow aviators. 

Community airports also have built-in hangars, making it convenient for business and personal aircraft owners and pilots to leave their planes for a while. 

While your planes are parked, you can get your aircraft serviced to remain in tip-top shape and ready for another flying adventure. 

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