The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Plane

Aircrafts can be collected like cars but cannot be maintained the same way. Unlike our four-wheel drives, we cannot just roll our planes in a garage and ask someone to start washing it with regular soap. Planes are complicated machines mounted with powerful engines that need more tender loving care than you usual transportation. That’s why we have compiled a few do’s and don’t’s that we would like to share with you so you do not make the mistakes that newbie airplane collectors or owners commit:


Aircrafts are much bigger than cars or most trucks. This means, cleaning them takes longer than expected and it could be more complicated because cleaners have to be specifically careful on some parts of the plane. Putting all this together, this means that using chemical cleaners for an aircraft can get cooked by the sun when the plane stays too long outside. Instead of getting a squeaky clean airplane, you get a chemically stained façade. We do not want that. It’s like having a permanent bruise or scar that’s very difficult to remove.


Plane windows are especially built with sensitive materials, particularly the windshields at the cockpit. For some pilots, these glasses are even more important than their seats that they would prefer to clean it themselves. Even the kind of cloth to be used for this part of the aircraft has to be glass-approved to be used on its specialized surface because even the smallest particle can mean a huge difference when the plane is already on air. So, if you are not the owner of the plane you are cleaning, be sure to ask first before you touch anything in the cockpit’s cleaning time.


While exteriors give out that wow look, it is the interiors that will truly impress the guests, the clients, or whoever will be riding your plane. A well-maintained interior will speak thousands about the owner.

A clean lavatory will cement the reputation of the owner and a spotless cockpit will practically close the deal. A well-kept aircraft is said to be the extension of an office or a home. If you want to be perceived as a reliable person, better keep those interiors spotless clean and organized all the time. Plus, it will save you money in the long run because you do not have to replace components even if they have aged. Mooney Aircrafts are particularly known for their top of the line planes that are laced with elegance and luxury. You don’t want to mess that up because you used hot water for a curtain that only needs hand washing with cold water and suds.


The interiors of your aircraft as well as the exteriors are made of fine delicate materials that needs to be taken care of specifically. Like your most expensive item at home, you would want to follow the care instructions for the components of your plane.

If you carpets’ care instruction says no bleaching, you better follow it the same as you would for your most prized possession. Do not use soap or just wipe with wet cloth.

These may be simple trick and tips, but these are also the most common mistakes and neglects of new owners that costs them a few thousand bucks for restoration. That is why reliable partners like us here in Knisley Exhaust is your best bet at keeping these aircrafts in their top shape. To get more information on how to take care of your plane better, keep in touch with us and we’ll share with you our best kept secrets.