Strange Plane Noses Explained

Everyone has their own fears whether it be heights, deep water, spiders or anything else. However, many people share one very common fear, the fear of flying. Especially after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, fear of flying became even more widespread and now it is hard not to be just a little bit anxious as you board a huge Boeing 737. One of the reasons that passengers have such a hard time is because there is so much unknown. How are the pilots flying the plane? How does this massive plane lift off and glide through the air? And what in the world are all of those weird noises throughout the journey?

This article will hopefully help ease your mind the next time that you step onboard an aircraft. With the help of some pilots from Monarch Airlines, we are going to explain the different noises that might usually make you feel uncomfortable.


As you board the plane you will hear many different noises from various causes. Firstly, you should know that as you are boarding the plane they will start the process of circulating air through the plane. You will hear the cabin fans throughout first class and the main cabin and if you sit towards the back of the plane you will hear the auxiliary power unit kicking on to start up the air conditioning unit.

Other noises you might hear could be coming from the floor of the plane. Again, there is no need to worry about this. It is not engine trouble; it is just the sound of the baggage being loaded onto the aircraft. You will also hear the sound of at least one engine turning on, if not both. Usually the pilots will start one engine as they prepare for departure and then start the second one while taxiing to save fuel.


During taxi and as the pilots prepare for take-off they will turn on all three of the plane’s hydraulic systems, so you might hear some yelping noises coming from the floor of the aircraft. As you take-off there will be a lot of different noises to be aware of. In the back of the plane you will hear some loud roaring noises, but do not be alarmed. This roar is coming from the exhaust of the plane. Other loud noises that you will hear will be the sound of the landing gear thumping over the pavement as the airplane picks up speed. Then, you will hear a loud noise when the airplane is finally airborne which is just the sound of the landing gear being pulled back into the plane.


Landing is often a high stress time for passengers because of the change in pressure in the cabins. There also will be many new noises that you might seem scary at first until you know what they are. If you hear a loud rumbling noise, it is likely just the speed brakes being applied to the wings. The rate of descent changes continually which will cause changes in airflow and engine noises. The landing gear will come out around five miles before landing and the hydraulics will start to create a whining sound. None of this is abnormal and you have absolutely no reason to be alarmed or anxious.