Soar High With These Aviation Bloggers

With each new day comes exciting developments in the field of aviation, so it’s no secret that it’s hard to stay constantly informed about the latest news and trends on the horizon. Thankfully, your fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts regularly write and upload digital content to keep you in the know.


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Soar High With These Aviation Bloggers
Soar High With These Aviation Bloggers

There are hundreds of aviation blogs out there, but we’ve narrowed down the list for you with these extraordinary must-read blogs.


The popular blog AirlineReporter focuses on aviation news, travel tips, and in general, the airline industry. There are, unfortunately, many negative beliefs about the airline business, and AirlineReporter’s goal is to provide context behind these stories. They strive to remind everyone that flying is still a wonderful, magical experience. 


With a team consisting of 35 writers (all of whom are active members of the aviation industry) from 25 different cities, they have managed to garner a huge social media presence with over 123,000 followers on Twitter. In addition to that, AirlineReporter has been on, written for, or quoted by various media such as CNN, BBC, and The Washington Post. In addition to being a blog, they also help airlines, airports, travel professionals, and media outlets to improve their quality of work.


The AirlineReporter’s blogs are definitely a great read whether you’re just on the hunt for the latest news or looking to get inspired by authentic stories from people who live, breathe, and dream aviation.


The Aviationist

The Aviationist is one of the world’s most widely read military aviation blogs. It’s run by former 2nd Lt. of the Italian Air Force, David Cenciotti, who first launched it in 2006.


Described as a “living library of aircraft knowledge” by C.J. Chivers, a reporter for the New York Times Magazine – Cenciotti is a private pilot and freelance journalist who covers various topics such as aviation, war, intelligence, defense, and more. His work has been published in Air Forces Monthly, Revista Força Aérea, Fighter Tactics, Combat Aircraft, Aeronautica & Difesa, Airline, RID, Rivista Aeronautica, Airplanes, and VICE News, among others.


Every day The Aviationist is quoted, cited, and/or linked by influential media outlets across the five continents, including Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Independent, Daily Mail, NYT, Business Insider, and the list goes on. With this eminent blog, you’re sure to get unmatched, independent coverage of military aviation, tech, and everything in between.


The AV Geekery

The AV Geekery is a website and online platform that provides aviation news and stories from all around the world. Founded by former Air Force pilot Jeff Gilmore, it features articles and multimedia content related to a wide range of topics in the aviation industry, including airline news, aircraft reviews, and aviation history.


This blog is produced by a team of contributors who are knowledgeable about the field, with its content primarily aimed at aviation professionals. In addition to providing news and stories, AV Geekery offers a range of products for aviation enthusiasts, including merchandise and travel packages.


If you’re looking for fun and always up-to-date content about aviation, this is definitely an excellent source!


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Uniting Aviation

Uniting Aviation is a platform that was developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to bring together aviation stakeholders from around the world. Their goal is to facilitate collaboration in the development and implementation of international standards and recommended practices in the field of civil aviation.


Their website provides a centralized space where aviation experts and decision-makers can exchange ideas, share knowledge, and work together to advance the global aviation industry’s safety, efficiency, and sustainability. There you’ll find a wide range of features and resources, such as online forums, webinars, training materials, and technical guidance, all in the name of encouraging collaboration and information-sharing among users.


The best part is that Uniting Aviation is open to anyone, from governments to industry organizations to academia to individual experts. If you’re interested in joining forces with your fellow aviation fans, this is most certainly the place to be.


Ladies Love Taildraggers

Ladies Love Taildraggers is a website and online community exclusive to female pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It was created by private pilot Judy Birlcher, with the intent of providing a supportive and welcoming space for women in aviation to connect, share their experiences, and learn from one another. 


The site offers a range of resources for female pilots, including flight training resources, articles and interviews, and a forum for discussion and networking. Every day, women pilots from different parts of the world share glimpses into their personal flying experiences. There’s no doubt that everyone on this site is 100% dedicated to flying and helping other women get into aviation. 


If you’re a woman looking to venture into the male-dominated aviation industry, this is a great safe space for you to partake in.


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Best Aviation Bloggers You Should Be Following

With this list of fantastic aviation bloggers, we hope we’ve provided you with ample amounts of fun and enlightening content to keep up with. After all, when it comes to aviation, there’s nothing quite like hearing about it from someone who knows what they’re talking about and loves flying as much as you do.


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