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The Leader in Aircraft Exhaust Maintenance

Aircraft exhaust maintenance is one of the trickiest parts of keeping a vintage plane in top shape. The fact that its components are hard to come by, has made maintenance even more difficult. Since private aircrafts or air taxis has a specific target market, there are not a lot of mechanics who can service such vehicles. Here at Knisley Exhaust, we pride ourselves for having a complete inventory of parts and employing only the most skilled aircraft mechanics in the industry. Our experience and capacity has led us to handle and service the known big brands of the aircraft...

Piper Aircraft Appoints New Vice President

Piper Aircraft hires industry veteran as new VP of International and Direct Sales Industry veteran, Drew McEwen, has been appointed as Piper Aircraft’s new Vice President of International and Direct Sales. In this new position he will lead the company’s global and factory direct sales efforts for the fleet, trainer, and special mission aircraft sales. Other areas of interest for McEwen will include growing Piper Aircraft’s trainer business and improving the international distribution network. Piper Aircraft is an aviation manufacturer with a rich history. In 1937 Mr. Piper introduced the first Piper Cub, an American lightweight aircraft with a simple design and...

M600 delivered by Piper Aircraft is already impressing experts

Pilots, aviation experts, and plane aficionados all agree that the first single-engine plane released by Piper Aircraft during July earlier this year marks a significant achievement for the flight industry. Frequent flyers and dedicated Piper enthusiasts, brother’s Jerry and Jack Wardlaw were the lucky recipients of the very first Piper M600, delivered this last June in Vero Beach, Florida, the world headquarters of Piper Aircraft. The Wardlaw’s have been flying Piper aircrafts for many years and plan on using their new M600 for both business and personal travel. What’s even more exciting is the fact that this advanced new aircraft is now...

Knisley Gets EASA Approval for Cessna T206, T207, T210 Exhaust Systems

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) awarded an approval for Knisley Welding to sell the modified aircraft exhaust systems of the Cessna T206, Cessna T207, and Cessna T210. The EASA is the arm of the European Union in charge of the regulation of civilian aviation safety. One of its functions is the approval of organizations involved in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of aeronautics-related products.


The EASA approved the sale of the modified aircraft exhaust systems of the following Cessna Aircrafts:

Cessna T206

Cessna Turbo 206 (T206) is a six-seater turbocharged aircraft that is also called as the Turbo Stationair. It...

Welcome to Knisley Exhaust, Inc.

Knisley Welding, Inc. has been serving the aviation community since 1974. Aircraft exhaust systems have always been difficult to find and a problem to maintain. Knisley Welding, Inc. was formed to fill that need. We started our business in repair and moved into manufacturing. Our extensive inventory and quality service provides exhaust components to owners, operators, and repair stations throughout the world.

Knisley in History

Since 1974 when Glenn Knisley began the company as a repair shop, Knisley Welding, Inc. has dutifully served the aviation community. Glenn Knisley learned welding in the military and was a supervisor in the welding department...