Piper PA-28 Cherokee

Choosing the perfect plane for you is not simple. It involves in-depth research to learn what type of aircraft fit your needs, your budget, and your qualifications. There are a lot of choices from various brands available as well, so comparing different models is the prudent thing to do. It is the best and only way to know the advantages of one unit over the other.   

Whether you are a new plane owner or a veteran, the Piper PA-28 Cherokee is an absolute favorite. It is an aircraft well-loved by the flying community. As early as 30 years ago, when it hit the skies, Piper PA has been turning heads. Get to know more about this aircraft in this article to see if it is the aircraft for you.   

Piper PA-28 Cherokee 

The Piper PA-28 Cherokee is a light aircraft produced by Piper Aircraft. It has two varieties- a two-seat model and the four-seat model. The philosophy of the plane’s designers, Fred Weick, John Thorp, Karl Bergey, is simple: Build a good aircraft at a lower cost. These designers absolutly succeeded in their mission. Because of the exceptional quality of Piper PA-28, the plane has been in production from 1960 until today. At present, it competes mainly against the Cessna 172, the Grumman American AA-5 series. 

Characteristics of Piper PA-28 Cherokee 

The aircraft Piper PA-28 Cherokeehas an all-metal design. It is unpressurized and a single-engine. The plane has a low-wing, aluminum monocoque construction. It also has three-wheel landing gear. The aircraft is powered by a four-cylinder, 150-horsepower Lycoming. It is a compact aircraft with a cabin width of 42 inches and a wingspan of 30 feet.  

Reasons to love the Piper PA-28 Cherokee 

There are many reasons why a lot of people love the Piper PA-28. Firstly, at a lower cost, you can fly about 167 knots at 15,000 feet. Secondly, it has sold over 32,000 units to date. The steady sales show that it is sturdy and reliable. It is an excellent indication that replacement parts and services are more accessible due to the sheer number of units all over the world. Another reason to love this aircraft is its beginner-friendliness since it is a top contender for easy-to-fly planes.   

Updates on the aircraft 

Over the years, some modifications have been introduced to make the Piper Cherokee family more wide-ranged. The engines are now improved with higher horsepower. The planes now also have turbocharging, and constant speed propeller. A model that can carry six persons was also released. Some heavier models were also released throughout the many years the Cherokee has been in production.   

Deciding on which aircraft is the best fit for you is a tough job. But do you know what else is tough – finding a service/maintenance provider that does the job right. It is almost as important as choosing the unit itself. Your partner in maintaining your aircraft is a crucial decision. It is your partner in keeping you and your aircraft safe. So, don’t forget to choose the  right one  for you.