List of Most produced Light Aircrafts

Man’s passion for flying has been around for ages. It started as a personal quest to reach for the sky. But, as technology advances, bigger aircraft have been in production to accommodate the needs of more passengers.  

Despite this, the hobby of flying light aircrafst still persists. Even having the option to fly commercially in big airlines, some still enjoy the freedom and adrenaline that light aircraft flying provides.  

Many still dream about owning a small plane for personal and recreational use. Flying a small plane gives people a sense of independence. Aspiring pilots are always on the lookout for the best thing to fly.  

One of the proven ways to know which planes are the best is to determine their demand. Most produced planes are likely the most sought-after by hobbyists and pilots. They generally perform better than other units. They are usually more affordable and easier to maintain.   

Here is a list of some of the most produced aircraft in the history of aviation.  

  1. Cessna 150/152 

When it comes to light aircraft, Cessna is a household name. A lot of pilots trust this company when it comes to producing good quality aircraft. Cessna 150/152 is one of their best units. In fact, it is the most produced two-seater plane by the company. Over 31,000 units were made in a span of almost three decades. 

  1. Piper PA-28 Series

Still being produced at present, Piper PA-28 Series is the pride of Piper Aircraft Company. The unit has been performing so well that it has been in production since 1960. Today, the company has made about 32,000 units.  

  1. Messerschmitt BF 109

This famous aircraft took the world by storm from 1936 to 1959. The German company BFW/Messerschmitt is the creator of this number 1 most-produced single-seater fighter aircraft.   

  1. Ilyushin IL-2

Hailed as the most produced two-seat fighter aircraft, this model reached 36,000 units during its peak in the early ’40s. It was produced in the former Soviet Union and was largely used during the war. 

  1. Cessna 172

Another Cessna Aircraft takes the lead for most produced light aircraft ever. Its total number is a far cry from Ilyushin’s 36,000 units. Over 44,000 units of Cessna 172 have been released since 1956 up to the present. It is considered one of the most loved light aircraft in the world by hobbyists and professional pilots alike.  

If you are an aspiring aircraft owner, looking at the number of units produced in total by aircraft manufacturing companies can be a determining factor of the plane’s performance and reliability.  

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