Learn More About Planes

Airplanes are indeed one of the best human creations. They are a  testament to human creativity and intelligence. For centuries, people have been dreaming of the ability to fly. That dream became a reality due to the efforts of many scientists and inventors. Aside from the fantastic scientific facts about airplanes, there are other fun facts about airplanes that we think you should know. 

Be amazed by these facts, and get ready to share them with your friends! 

Some planes can fly with just one engine.  

Some planes are designed to have the capability to fly for more or less 5 hours with just one engine. Planes are marked with ETOP certifications to prove that they can safely fly for a specific period in case one engine breaks down. Boeing 747 Dreamliner was certified to fly for more than 5 hours in such a situation! Despite being certified, the aircraft must be well-maintained. The certification is no use if the engine and all of its parts are not in top shape. 

Oxygen supply is very limited.  

Do not panic when we tell you this, but the oxygen supply for a commercial aircraft only lasts for 12 minutes. While you may think that this is a short time, twelve minutes is actually the average time needed for a plane to descend to breathable altitude and find an emergency landing space.    

The cruise is the safest time of the flight.  

Cruise mode takes up the majority of the flying time in a flight. It is the phase when an aircraft maintains altitude and follows a specific path. On the other hand, taking off and landing are the most dangerous phases of flight. Together, the percentage of fatal accidents during take-off and descent amounts to a staggering 61%. Ensuring the safety of an aircraft is essential, checking its airworthiness is a must before each flight. A thorough engine, exhaust, fuel system check, among others, are necessary. 

Traveling by plane is the safest way to go around. 

Flying is probably the most amazing way to travel – well, aside from a rocket ship! But it’s not just that! It is also the safest way to get around. Taken into account the percentage of accidents among boats, ships, cars, and planes, traveling by airplane is considered extremely safe. Fatal accidents are improbable. Some studies even show that there is a higher chance for you to get struck by a bolt of lightning than have a fatal plane accident.   

The smallest aircraft is lighter than a sedan. 

Can you imagine an aircraft that only weighs twice as you? Unbelievable, right? However, this was made possible by US aircraft designer Jim Bede. He designed a plane that only weighs 358.8 pounds. Compared to an average vehicle, it is almost 10x lighter! Will you fly an aircraft this light or not? Maybe you would if you know that it is in the best condition! 

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about airplanes. But, there is nothing more fun than flying and riding an aircraft that is in absolutely perfect shape! It is not a hard thing to do. Just make sure you have access to the best aircraft parts in the industry, like Knisley Exhaust, Inc.  

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