History of Helio

Knisley Welding caters to the aircraft exhaust system for some of Helio’s aircrafts. Let’s take a look into the brief history of Helio and how it has come about, how it has contributed to the aircraft industry, and how it is doing now.

The Foundation of Helio Aircraft

Otto Koppen and Lynn Bollinger founded Koppen-Bollinger Aircraft Corporation in 1948. They were to concentrate in developing light short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircrafts. The venture was renamed as Helio Aircraft Corporation in the early 1950s when they started manufacturing the Helio Courier.

The fight over Helio Courier

General Aircraft Corporation bought Helio Aircraft in 1969. General Aircraft continued production until 1974, the year that General Aircraft sued the Central Intelligence Agency, alleging that it planned to put down the business by the unlicensed production of the Helio Courier. In the 70s, the rights to produce the Helio Courier was passed from company to company. Helio Aircraft Ltd then bought production rights to Helio Courier but throughout the 80s, only 18 aicraft were built. After which, production rights of the Courier and the Helio Stallion were passed on again and again.

Helio Today

After a series of buyouts, Helio Aircraft LLC purchased production rights and announced to return the production of both the Helio Stallion and the Helio Courier. Helio Aircraft LLC promises the buyers of new Couriers and Stallions to feel the same versatility and performance that these two aircrafts were popular for. Await the day that the Courier and the Stallion rule the skies again!


For more information regarding Helio aircrafts, or if you are need of aircraft exhaust systems, aircraft exhaust parts, or aircraft exhaust repairs for a Helio aircraft, just give Knisley Welding a call and we will give you just what you need!