Fly for the Culture: A Love for Aviation, Soaring Beyond Cultural Norms

Flying is an experience meant to give people freedom and independence. For many years, flying has become an activity surrounded by an air of exclusivity. Fly For the Culture aims to change that notion.  

Who is Fly For the Culture? 

Fly For the Culture is a nonprofit organization that envisions to promote diversity in aviation. Their goal is to introduce flying to as many people as possible, without regard to race, gender, and status. They believe that flying should be an experience shared and experienced by everyone passionate about it.   


Witnessing the lack of diversity in the field of aviation, Courtland Savage founded the organization to introduce more people to aviation. He himself is an aviator who served the Air Force as a Reserve Crew chief and as a Winged Naval Aviator in the U.S Navy. Prior to his military experience, he also had a private practice since the age of 17. He believes that aviation should be enjoyed by everyone. Thus, he founded Fly for the Culture, to introduce Flying to the youth.  

What do they do? 

Fly for the Culture conducts free introductory classes and mentorship programs, giving their focus to young kids who want to pursue a career in aviation.  

Eager students can learn how to fly by enrolling in free Student Pilot Fundamentals courses. The course covers basic concepts that aspirants must know before they begin actual flight training. The course discusses the basics of aerodynamics, flight and cockpit controls, basic flight, flow theory, and many other things relevant to a new learner. 

Allowing people of any race, gender or status to dream is one thing; helping them achieve this dream is another. Fly for the Culture empowers them to push themselves to realize their goals, no matter how improbable they seem. By showing them that they can fly a plane – breaking the notion that flying is reserved for certain people of certain privileges – they too can dream and set their goals higher.  

Man’s pursuit of reaching for the skies has been around for centuries. It is a dream shared by many. Fly for the Culture brings this dream closer to as many young people as possible.