M600 delivered by Piper Aircraft is already impressing experts

Pilots, aviation experts, and plane aficionados all agree that the first single-engine plane released by Piper Aircraft during July earlier this year marks a significant achievement for the flight industry.

Frequent flyers and dedicated Piper enthusiasts, brother’s Jerry and Jack Wardlaw were the lucky recipients of the very first Piper M600, delivered this last June in Vero Beach, Florida, the world headquarters of Piper Aircraft. The Wardlaw’s have been flying Piper aircrafts for many years and plan on using their new M600 for both business and personal travel.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that this advanced new aircraft is now being released to the public so you can enjoy it too! Less than one moth after receiving its final Type Certification from the FAA, the M600 is available and many pilots are already taking full advantage of everything this beautiful plane has to offer.

So what’s all the fuss about this single engine turbo prop M600 from Piper, anyways? Well, let’s take a look at some of the features and reasons why the Piper M600 is such an important addition to the world of aviation!

Features of the Piper M600 include:

  • Major revitalization of the M500, this aircraft boats an all new sleek wing design
  • Increased power output with a stronger, Pratt and Whitney PT6A-42A engine
  • An increase of 100 shp from the M500’s engine at 600 shp
  • Elegant yet comfortable interior of the cabin outfitted in leather
  • Equipped with advanced Garmin G3000 Avionics and touch screen controls for flawless navigation.Performance and Specifications of the Piper M600:
  • Harztell 4-Blade Propeller (Constant speed, full feathering, reversible)
  • Fuel Capacity: 260 US Gallons
  • Dimensions: wingspan-43’, length-29’, height-11’ (approximately)
  • Maximum range: 1,482 nm
  • Maximum cruising speed: 274 ktas
  • Takeoff distance: 2,635 ft
  • Landing Distance: 2,695 ft

When it comes to aviation, there nothing quite as important as safety, and that’s why the M600 is equipped with a variety of safety features and tools that make this aircraft a supremely safe and secure form of transportation. Some of those safety components include:

  • Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology: Automatically acquires synthetic information for the pilot regardless of what they are physically able to see themselves.
  • Ability for Coupled Go-Around while engaged in autopilot: Helps protect against stalling and adjusts airplane pitch altitude.
  • Automatic Level Mode: Returns the aircraft to a wings level altitude, and can automatically engage the autopilot functions to return the plane to a straight and level flight.
  • Electronic Stability Protection: Works as a barrier when the autopilot is disengaged and helps to keep the aircraft in the desired scope and range of altitude and speed.
  • Traffic Advisory System: Provides a comprehensive traffic picture for the pilot.
  • Under speed Protection: Detects under speeds that could cause the plane to stall and works to intuitively correct that problem automatically.The premium aircraft, Piper M600 continues to impress experts and novices alike across the country, even gaining in popularity in Europe and Mexico after receiving Type Certification in those countries as well!Other facts about Piper M600 found at: