Cessna Aircraft Adds Training Schools

Cessna aircraft has always been synonymous with flight training and for good reason, as this small, piston-powered aircraft is ideal for students learning how to pilot a plane due to it’s forgiving flight characteristics and slow landing speed. The fact that Cessna planes are the ultimate training aircraft is reflected also in the record growth that Cessna Pilot Center-affiliated flight schools experienced in 2016, as reported by Textron Aviation. An increase in the number of Cessna experienced and certified pilots is a positive indication of growth in the flight training industry.

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The 24 flight schools added by the program last year bring the total of Cessna Pilot Center to an impressive, 163 affiliates. Textron Aviation’s partnership with independent Part 141 and 61 flight schools through the Cessna Pilot Center program works to provide exceptional flight training at flight schools all over the world. Additionally, Textron provides a more standardized, King School-based training program, which students can access through mobile devices and online. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Cessna Pilot Centers reported a total of 7,000 new student pilots in the span of just one year, which is truly a testament to the quality of the program.

One San Jose based Cessna affiliate, Trade Winds Aviation has been associated with Cessna as a Cessna Pilot Center and Service Station for over 20 years. Trade Winds Aviation boasts a Cessna 182Q Skylane, seven modern Cessna 172SP Skyhawks, and even a light sport Remos GX. The owner of Trade Winds Aviation, Walter Gyger, testified to his exceptional experience with Cessna by saying that, “Cessna has been a reliable partner in many ways. Cessna’s focus on pilot training and the support from Cessna and King Schools to assist us with using the Cessna Pilot Center tools has been invaluable.”