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4 Myths About Small Airplanes (That You Shouldn’t Believe)

If you spend some time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, you will notice almost everyone posts about traveling and seeing the world. How one does this, of course, is with the help of advances in the means of transportation. Hundreds of years ago, no one even thought that it was possible for people to “fly” and everyone was proven wrong. Now one can see different places and cultures in a matter of hours. It has become the norm for people to book a flight once in a while. With the great demand for air travel, airline companies have upgraded their planes to...

What Happens When Airplanes Dump Fuel?

You've probably seen it in the news, or maybe even on a TV show or a film feature: an airline pilot requesting to dump fuel just before attempting an emergency landing. Which now begs the question: what happens when airplanes dump fuel? And why do pilots have to do so when trying to land the plane? The real reason why planes dump fuel is that the plane is too heavy to land and dumping fuel is the quickest way to lose weight. See, aircraft have two major types of weight limits:

  • The maximum takeoff weight, which is the heaviest...

The Important Role of your Community Airport

Community airports have become the subject of land redevelopment for real estate projects such as housing, offices and retail strips.  These facilities are large plots of land, making them perfect for urban developments.  Not everyone will know, but community airports are vital to any locality because of its quantifiable benefits to the people and to the community itself.   They may not be able to accommodate large and commercial planes, but it is a gateway for fast intercity or interstate travel, and that is crucial in bringing value into your community.  Weve listed...

Knowing Your Plane’s Exhaust

For a lot of people or plane owners, a plane's exhaust is just a component of the aircraft that lets out smoke from the engine. Others feel like it’s a part of the aircraft that causes the weird noises a plane makes, allowing people to think of it as an old, and possibly damaged vehicle. These myths often change the way we look at aircraft, their parts and each of its functions. Mufflers are more than a metal hose-looking component that is used to let out some steam from the engine. It is a vital part of the aircraft engine...

Passing Pilot School

Getting off school is one of the toughest endeavors that every student must face. Earning your training hours, passing your subjects, and getting good grades are all too far fetched until you join the workforce. This is no different for students who go to pilot schools. Their training and education system may be different, but they still have to make the cut to fly that plane. If you are one of the aspiring ones to be the next plane captain, here are some tips we have for you to help you survive pilot school with flying colors: