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The Important Role of your Community Airport

Community airports have become the subject of land redevelopment for real estate projects such as housing, offices and retail strips.  These facilities are large plots of land, making them perfect for urban developments.  Not everyone will know, but community airports are vital to any locality because of its quantifiable benefits to the people and to the community itself.   They may not be able to accommodate large and commercial planes, but it is a gateway for fast intercity or interstate travel, and that is crucial in bringing value into your community.  Weve listed...

Why Maintaining Your Plane is Cheaper in the Long Run

Owning a small plane may be more costly than owning a car, but it gets you to places faster than a four-wheeled vehicle or to areas the roadster can't reach. And when it comes to cross-country flying, small airplanes can also provide you recreation opportunities and more convenience than commercial planes. It gives you freedom as it opens up the world to you at your command, in a fraction of time and at the comfort of your plane. But like anything with engines, owning an aircraft is accompanied by a long list of expenses—such as repairs, storage fees, insurance, loan payments, gas, and...

Knowing Your Plane’s Exhaust

For a lot of people or plane owners, a plane's exhaust is just a component of the aircraft that lets out smoke from the engine. Others feel like it’s a part of the aircraft that causes the weird noises a plane makes, allowing people to think of it as an old, and possibly damaged vehicle. These myths often change the way we look at aircraft, their parts and each of its functions. Mufflers are more than a metal hose-looking component that is used to let out some steam from the engine. It is a vital part of the aircraft engine...

The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Plane

Aircrafts can be collected like cars but cannot be maintained the same way. Unlike our four-wheel drives, we cannot just roll our planes in a garage and ask someone to start washing it with regular soap. Planes are complicated machines mounted with powerful engines that need more tender loving care than you usual transportation. That’s why we have compiled a few do’s and don't's that we would like to share with you so you do not make the mistakes that newbie airplane collectors or owners commit:


Aircrafts are probably one of the most useful machines invented but with complicated parts that need lots of tender loving and care. For aircraft mechanics, their own version of TLC is spelled through regular scheduled maintenance, or spot cleaning, and proper lubrication.

In this article, we will talk about lubricants and what they do for your aircraft’s engine. We will also talk a little bit about some tips on how to always keep your engines lubricated, and of course, what the benefits of keeping it so are: