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Former Beech and Cessna chief dies at 91

As an engineer, Max Bleck has always been fascinated with machines and this passion brought him places including the seat of the president in the four biggest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world – Beech, Cessna, Piper Aircraft and Raytheon Co. With nearly fifty years on his sleeve in the aircraft industry, Black was the most sought-after leader- trusted by his peers, respected by his companions, and acknowledged by the industry. In 1961, Bleck began his journey as a chief engineer for Cessna’s Wallace division and climbed his way up until he was named vice president for operations. Because of his...

Beechcraft Baron G58 continues to impress aviation experts

Over it’s nearly 60 year history in the aviation industry, the Beechraft Baron G58 has consistently impressed aircraft experts and pilots alike with it’s performance and dependability. And with it’s new cabin configuration the Baron can now comfortably seat six passengers in club seating, an improvement from the Baron’s previous configuration which only accommodated four or five passengers. While only the normally aspirated G58 is available for purchase today, the owners of Beechcraft at Textron Aviation report that a total of 2,485 normally aspirated Model 58’s have been produced since 1969, with another nearly 650 airframes that were produced being split...

History of Beechcraft

Knisley Welding caters to the aircraft exhaust system some of Beech’s aircrafts. Let’s take a look into the brief history of Beechcraft and how it has come about, how it has contributed to the aircraft industry, and how it is doing now.

Beechcraft’s Foundation

Beechcraft was founded in the year 1932 by the husband-and-wife tandem of Walter and Olive Ann Beech. Beechcraft first operated in an idle Cessna factory in Wichita, Kansas. Walter Beech previously formed Travel Air in 1924. Travel Air was absorbed by Curtiss-Wright in 1929 where Beech became President of the airplane division, and Vice President for Sales. Being...