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5 Best Aviation Bloggers You Should Be Following

The exciting world of aviation has for years attracted a dedicated group of people who are in one way or another involved in the expansive field of aviation, and whether these aviation lovers are pilots, travel agents, flight attendants or simply plane enthusiasts, everyone within this unique field has useful information to share! As an industry that operates on a global scale, the news and latest innovations in technology move at a rapid pace, which means that there really is no limit to all that you can learn and enjoy in aviation. So if you are researching possible careers for yourself within the vast industry of aviation, or maybe you just find yourself interested in learning more about a specific aspect of this unique topic, considering following knowledgeable aviation bloggers and using them as a valuable resource. While there are multitudes of quality aviation blogs online today, we have compiled a list of 7 of some of the best aviation bloggers you should be following and what specifically is useful about them!

  1. The Cranky Flier:
    This airline industry blog is run by Brett Snyder, and his experience and background in aviation careers includes the areas of airline business management and air travel assistance, which lends itself well to all the posts and helpful information related to the experience of flying with major airline industries across the globe. CrankyFlier also posts up to date news about what’s going on the aviation world in general.

    Website: https://crankyflier.com/

  2. EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association):
    Whether or not you want to become a member of the nonprofit organization that supports and promotes recreational flying (i.e., EAA), the blog for this aviation community is incredibly useful for finding all sorts of information related to the aviation industry, including: pilot resources, access to safety programs including youth programs, discussion forums, and plenty of educational resources and information.

    Website: https://www.eaa.org/eaa

  3. NYC Aviation:
    The NYC Aviation blog is perfect for all things airline news, plane-spotting maps, and aviation industry news, so if you need a fast source for finding the most accurate information on what’s happening in the world of aviation, this is one of the first places you should check.

    Website: http://www.nycaviation.com

  4. Ask a Flight Instructor:
    For those of you out there who are in need of technical information, specifically as it relates to flight training information, this is the blog for you. Ask a flight instructor is basically the perfect resource for anyone involved in flight training, as this blog is run by an experienced pilot and flight instructor with almost 6,000 hours of flight time, so you know you can trust the accuracy of the complicated information you find here!

    Website: https://www.askacfi.com

  5. Aviation Chatter:
    Now when it comes to reading and learning about the skills of private pilots specifically, this is one very useful blog. From tips to choosing the right flight school to lists of some of the most handy apps a pilot can have, Aviation Chatter is the ideal place for finding advice and information on important topics to private pilots.

    Website: https://www.avcom.co.za/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=1

  6. Fear of Landing:
    Run by pilot and aviation author, Sylvia Wrigley, this blog emphasizes various nuances about safety in aviation (Wrigley is actually responsible for the popular aviation-themed show on television, called Why Planes Crash on the Weather Channel), in addition to other interesting posts about aviation history.

    Website: https://fearoflanding.com/

  7. Bangalore Aviation:
    One of the more information-dense blogs on aviation out there, this blog contains expert analysis in addition to the globalized world of aviation, and while based out of India, the news and informative posts found at this blog are the reasons why it remains one of the most popular aviation blogs worldwide.

    Website: https://www.bangaloreaviation.com