4 Myths About Small Airplanes (That You Shouldn’t Believe)

If you spend some time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, you will notice almost everyone posts about traveling and seeing the world. How one does this, of course, is with the help of advances in the means of transportation.

Hundreds of years ago, no one even thought that it was possible for people to “fly” and everyone was proven wrong. Now one can see different places and cultures in a matter of hours.

small plane

It has become the norm for people to book a flight once in a while. With the great demand for air travel, airline companies have upgraded their planes to bigger units to accommodate more passengers.

It is very seldom nowadays to see small planes flying around, except for chartered travels, and flights to smaller and exotic destinations.

That is why travelers are used to riding the big planes, and myths about small planes came about.

Here are some myths about small airplanes that you need to stop believing:

1. Small planes are old and outdated.

This is absolutely not true. The size of a plane does not relate to how new it is. Some planes are purposely made smaller because of the purpose it is supposed to serve. Those planes that are destined to travel small islands in the tropics are made that way because the runways in these islands cannot accommodate big passenger planes.

2. The tickets are more expensive.

There is a common notion that small airplanes are private flights and more expensive. This is not the case always. While there is a chance that seat sales are offered more for bigger airplanes, this does not mean that the fare for smaller ones is significantly more expensive. The expenses for airline companies just balance out. Smaller airplanes do not need lots of fuel, or plenty of crew members, among other reasons.

3. The travel time in small airplanes takes longer.

Although they sometimes do not use jet propellers, this does not equate to longer travel time. Considering that bigger airplanes usually have heavier loads, more check-ins, and layovers, there is a greater chance that you will reach your destination faster if you ride a smaller aircraft.

4. Flying with a small airplane is unsafe.

Airworthiness of a plane or the measure of an aircraft’s suitability to fly has nothing to do with its size. It is a combination of many factors, such as proper maintenance and mechanical conditions. You do not need to worry if the plane you are riding is relatively smaller than you are used to. As long as it is complete with the necessary requirements and certifications, it is to be deemed as safe as those bigger aircraft.

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