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If My Light Aircraft Runs Out of Fuel Flying Over the Ocean, Is It Possible to Land on an Aircraft Carrier?

Are private, light aircrafts allowed to land on an aircraft carrier? Here is a story about a man who did an extraordinary feat. What if you're in your Cessna, flying in the middle of the ocean with not a single strip of land in sight, then suddenly, you ran out of fuel? Then, you look down below, searching for anything you could land on, and you see a huge ship cruising over the waters. The ship is an aircraft carrier, and you immediately had a ray of hope. But then you think to yourself, "Can I even land there?" "Will ...

What Can We Expect From the Aviation Industry This 2021?

2020 has been undeniably hard for the whole aviation industry; airlines took a big hit they weren't prepared for. But now, as we step into the new year, we're bringing all the lessons and experiences we've had. Here are the things we can expect in 2021. Sustainability Initiatives The pandemic crisis grounded thousands of planes, particularly the older, less efficient aircraft. In a way, it has been good for the environment. It resulted in the removal of tons of carbon emissions in the skies. Covid may have accelerated the progress of sustainable aviation. Companies are now investing billions of dollars into more ...

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