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What Are Some of The Most Important Things I Need To Know About The Cessna 172?

Just about any pilot can tell you about the time they've had their first taste of flying. In all likelihood, that first flight might have been in a Cessna 172 The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a steady workhorse, a top choice for many flight schools, and an amazingly reliable aircraft. It doesn't use up a lot of fuel, it's relatively inexpensive to operate, and it's surprisingly easy to fly. Given all these, on top of its longevity and storied history, many consider the Cessna 172 to be the...

Single vs. Twin Engines in Airplanes

Among many things that people consider when buying aircraft is its number of engines. There is a big difference between the two types. It is one of the very first factors you have to consider when choosing an aircraft. To make an informed decision, you need to know more about these two types. Are you ready to learn about the basics of these two types? Read on! What are single-engine airplanes? From its name, you will instantly figure out what single-engine aircraft is – it has one engine. It is less complex. Generally, it has fewer controls, which makes it beginner-friendly. Single-engine aircraft is...

Fly for the Culture: A Love for Aviation, Soaring Beyond Cultural Norms

Flying is an experience meant to give people freedom and independence. For many years, flying has become an activity surrounded by an air of exclusivity. Fly For the Culture aims to change that notion.   Who is Fly For the Culture?  Fly For the Culture is a nonprofit organization that envisions to promote diversity in aviation. Their goal is to introduce flying to as many people as possible, without regard to race, gender, and status. They believe that flying should be an experience shared and experienced by everyone passionate about it. 

List of Most produced Light Aircrafts

Man's passion for flying has been around for ages. It started as a personal quest to reach for the sky. But, as technology advances, bigger aircraft have been in production to accommodate the needs of more passengers.   Despite this, the hobby of flying light aircrafst still persists. Even having the option to fly commercially in big airlines, some still enjoy the freedom and adrenaline that light aircraft flying provides.   Many still dream about owning a small plane for personal and recreational use. Flying a small plane gives people a sense of independence. Aspiring pilots are...