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How Accurate Are Flight Simulator Games?

One of the very first flight simulator games we've ever tried was the old Flight Simulator back in the early '80s. Of course, the graphics clearly look so dated now, but at the time, Microsoft’s very first Flight Simulator was actually quite groundbreaking. Today, with much better computing power, as well as advances in gaming technology, the latest crop of flight simulator games are giant leaps forward in realism that makes them as close to real-life as they can get. Just how accurate can flight simulator games get? Quite accurate, apparently. There are many flight simulator games out there, and possibly the most...

Business as Usual: Knisley Welding, Inc.

Knisley Welding, Inc. will continue operations as the Federal Government designated us as "Essential Business" in aid of the local transport and aviation industry. The Coronavirus outbreak has certainly posed unforeseen challenges for businesses both locally and around the world, forcing us all to adopt new ways of working to coping with government-mandated closures and social distancing measures. The Knisley Welding crisis management team continues to closely monitor the situation. We are tracking updates and are complying with recommendations made by the Central for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of California in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we are...

Airplane Buyer’s Guide

Buying an airplane is the ultimate dream for many. It can be an intimidating task because of the many things you have to consider. Having a guide that will lead you through the decision-making process is a great help.

Why buy a light airplane?

With the ever-growing presence of budget airlines and seat sales, it becomes more difficult to justify having a plane. Some people will see it as an impractical purchase, but do not let them dissuade you. Owning a plane gives you independence. Imagine being able to fly at will. Imagine going places without the need to get through airport security...